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We work to make world a beautiful place.

We craft beautiful designs and convert them into

fully functional and user-friendy products.

About us

“For books may come and books may go, practical knowledge goes on forever.”

This is the undying mantra which led to the sowing seeds for our homegrown company, “Nextgen Talent Developers” which strongly believes that actions speak louder than words. The company’s primary target is to deliver technical knowledge and the real world know how for students who aspire to know the world around them in a better and a convenient way. The company aims to provide its gallerypage in the form of workshops and lectures, innovating and ideating in the field of Aeromodelling, Robotics, Automobile, Designing and Ethical hacking.


Nextgen Talent Developers:

"We highly appreciate the enthusiasm and creative talent of the people."


Meet the team

Rahul Sharma

Head-Workshop Div

Avinash Sonkar

General Manager

Rohit Sharma

Head IT Dept (Smac-Gen)

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