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BWC glider workshop

A very simple handlaunched aircraft which is useful for understanding the concepts of aeromodelling.Those interested in a hands on experience in aeromodelling and want to start from scratch should do it with our Balsa wood chuck glider workshop.

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Moss Glider Workshop

One of the cheapest and best radio controlled beginner planes.One can learn the basics of remote controlled aeromodelling with the help of our Moss Glider Workshop.Request a workshop and start developing your aermodelling skills with us.

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3D Plane workshop

A workshop for the experienced flyer.This workshop will not only empower you with an in depth knowledge of designing and flying but will also impart you with the basic skills of aerobatics.

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Multirotor designing workshop

You will learn all the basics of a drone and its evolution, right from the Wright Brother's planes to the latest technologies in flying.We also provide sessions to make you undestand the functions of individual parts and the physics behind them.

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Web designing workshop

Come and make exquisite websites with us.This workshop will help you learn the basics of HTML/CSS/JS with the help of which one can make their own website all by themselves (our website is designed and managed entirely by our design team).

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Ethical Hacking

Cyber security is one of the biggest concerns for organizations today. We will enlighten the students with techniques of counter hacking in order to maintain the security of virtual data and privacy. Students will be taught about security testing and tools used to perfrom security testing.We provide intense sessions to make students understand the concepts of ethical hacking.

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Meet the Team

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Shreesh TripathiCPO

Resilient with enormous energy and known as an influential and motivational leader,He is persuing his MBA from Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD, Pune). He has experience with WNS as a Strategist and HR-Recruitment.

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Devendra SinghCEO

An aeromodelling geek. While graduating in Mechanical engineering from NIT Allahabad he worked on projects like design and development of flying robots for simulation and real time experiments. He has participated and won many Aeromodelling competetions in IITs and NITs. Having enough practical exposure in the field he started organising workshops at colleges in Allahabad, Noida and Kanpur and is now running his own startup by the name of NGD.

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Rohit SharmaCOO

Rohit has immense experience in IT Training,Projects Handling,Recruitment Training,Entrepreneur Workshops and more.

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Shashank ShekharCTO

An aermodeller and an exceptional RC Aircraft flyer.He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Allahabad and has completed 1.01x:Energy certification from The University of Texas. He has also worked on the development and design of RC Planes. He participated and won many Aeromodelling contests at IIT Kharagpur,Kanpur and Mumbai.Having enough practical exposure in the field he started working with this organization and now is working for our aeromodelling R&D team.

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